Either looking for the perfect wall decoration or an exhibit that closes the gap in your private collection – in the photo gallery of Kirsten Roschlaub, newcomer and professionals will find something.

Hamburg - Gallery

You have learned the job of  a photographer and have specialised your photography skills with your own gallery. What fascinates you about this art form? I always say I was a photographer. I do not photograph anymore, except with my mobile phone. But my heart still strikes for photography. I simply see it that way: I just changed the sides.

How do you select the artists you present? A belly decision! Many people apply to me, but I am of course constantly looking for artists on my own. Also on Instagram. I never thought that the medium could play such an important role. Actually, I find world-wide interesting artists there, which I would otherwise probably never discovered.However, there are also great coincidences. So Tobias Freytagwhose picture language fascinates me, is the brother of a good friend of mine. She has made me acquainted with him. Both operate, additionally to their gallery, an online shop.

What impact does the web have on business with art? The gallery is the showroom, without it it wouldn’t work. But thanks to my online shop, I reach customers far beyond the regional catchment area. I now sell all over Europe. Recently, the Versace Boutique from Milan, bought a series of my vintage photos “The Golden Age of Hollywood”. And no one from Italy came to Hamburg.

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